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I hope you will enjoy visual part of my page and forgive me that I’m not much of a writer. I would like to introduce myself and share all the ideas and things that I’m working on, there is way to many 🙂

I am professional artist and finally rented a studio after years of working in my kitchen. Now studio is great location and had fantastic potential to be used also as exhibition space, presentations, lectures, workshops. It is divided in two levels so I can keep my creative mess upstairs and use all downstairs area for exhibitions and also as small gift shop.
Since I run artist in residence and co founder of martial artist in residence here in Belgrade, Serbia, this is great to have studio to share with artists that are visiting and also to make them exhibitions at the end of the residency.

Another exhibition space in city like Belgrade is great for young artists to have more chance to present their work in and artist run space. I think there is much more potential in this space and I want it to be also as international cultural space, so foreigners living in Belgrade also have a place to gather and enjoy art and company with local artists. I got this idea for international space because I met some wonderful people when I was teaching drawing and jewelry classes for foreigners living in Belgrade. There is always need for space where people can meet new people, where they can count on that people will speak English, to spend time in artistic environment and supporting art, and you won’t believe this but to spend time in non smoking area (since its one of few here).

I am working on my art preparing exhibition for my Phd. It is practical so I need to make exhibition and also to write thesis. I am so exited to have studio to work on some new pieces of art and hoping to make some sculptures beside my drawings and paintings.

Also I am doing children’s illustrations, so far got one book published with a friend who wrote a story, and now I’m working on kids cookbook with illustrated recipes. And I’m making jewelry from variety of materials, now exploring new ideas to get pieces in bronze with painted enamel on top. I really hope this will soon come to reality because I believe it will look fantastic.

Goals are to get monthly :

-Space- to cover the rent and bills of the space
-second employee- I need someone to help me with setting exhibitions, organizing events, updating page and blog and similar little jobs that I can’t finish all by myself
-Facebook post boost so we can promote our page and reach more people
-For events we don’t need much, but its nice to have some drinks and snacks
-Artist in residence- space and fees for ad on website for art residency

Art – I would really like to continue to make my art and for that I need some materials and also space
Jewelry- materials and help with melting metal

Phd- my research for Phd on Shamanism and Art needs some funding just to get tickets, because already there is number of places where I can stay for free at my friends and artist friends, and I know how to travel on a budget, so if I just get transportation all is set


If you would like to know more about what is Patreon, please look at


Hope you liked my post and please share and become my patron

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