Ph.D. Exhibition – Gallery Flu, Belgrade March 2018. 

Photo Milan Kralj


The work of Belgrade-born artist Gordana Žikić explores the practices of Shamanism and Neo-Shamanism. Drawing from the beliefs, traditions, and cultures of various peoples, Žikić’s art attempts to re-contextualize traditional  Shamanistic rituals, performances, and objects according to modern-day use and life.

This re-contextualization is the basis for Neo-Shamanism, which allows contemporary practitioners from many parts of the world to piece together their own visions and spirituality outside of the confines of a village or tribe; a borderless endeavor that connects people, encourages perspective, and emphasizes the power of choice. For Žikić, the freedom allotted via Neo-Shamanism is a powerful tool that stokes creativity, and allows the artist to question, re-interpret, and act as a type of creative Shaman.

Žikić’s body of work focuses heavily on collecting and recycling found objects and materials such as hair, fur, shells, copper wire, feathers, and beads. These items are then transformed by Žikić into sacred objects using traditional and current artistic methods to reveal her perspective in regard to symbolism, spiritual mythology, and identity. Moreover, this transformation demonstrates how personal narratives intertwine, challenge, and mimic other international narratives.

Žikić identifies as both heiress to, and a participant in, a universal culture where she is able to juxtaposition old-word and present-day approaches to redefine how human beings continue to create meaning through the use of quotidian objects, original imagery, and by developing new, transcendent spaces.

Rachel Klipa, art historian



Pop up Exhibition


Gallery Stab, Belgrade, Serbia

Gordana Zikic, Bosko Begovic,

Predrag Damjanovic, Jovana Braletic



Back to Now


Gallery U10, Belgrade, Serbia

International group exhibition

César Escudero Andaluz, Candaş Şişman, Nathan Guo, Snežana Arnautović Stjepanović and Ivica Stjepanović, Mariko Hori, Isidora Fićović, Daichi Misawa, Gordana Žikić, Nataša Kokić, Marija Bjekić, Predrag Damjanović, Lidija Antonović and Boško Begović


 Black Box

Predrag Damjanovic and Gordana Zikic

KC Grad gallery, Belgrade, Serbia


Exhibition Black Box

Predrag Damjanovic and Gordana Zikic

Gallery Remont Belgrade, Serbia 


Text from the catalog -Tine Møller Sørensen 

The project ”Black Box” aims to highlight the complexity in a visually media-dominated world of human beings.

Taking from both the bombardment of the contemporary mainstream media and reclaiming it as a personal flux, transformed into psychological visions, as well as highlighting ancient symbols as ultimately human interventions in our meetings with the surrounding world, both artists show us the personalized version of how we are constantly re-interpreting what we see.

While mainstream media images represent something we will often refer to as a kind of “objective truth”, ancient symbols can in some ways be seen the same way, but from the notion

that ancient cultures were closer to a “natural truth” than we are today.

The artists show us that neither version of “truth” is real and that we are constantly creating our own versions of what truth means.

This interpretation and highlighting of images we think we know – or which creeps around in our sub consciousness, gives way for experiencing new ways of reflecting on our perception of constantly recirculated images, scenarios, and symbols.

 More photos here


Shamanic installation

Solo exhibition

2014. UK Palilula gallery, Belgrade, Serbia

Two installations and small drawings covering the walls

Drawings group exhibition

Natasa Kokic, Marija Bjekic, Predrag Damjanovic, Gordana Zikic

March 2014 UK Palilula gallery, Belgrade

Exhibition of photographs

 Casa Eslava, Barcelona, Spain



curated by Tine Møller Sørensen

Tine Møller Sørensen is an independent curator & cultural communicator, graduated from Copenhagen University.

HJEM.DOM.HOME is an exhibition project consisting of a series of photographs and a text, all reflecting on the theme “home”.
The exhibiting artist all has Serbian roots, but are from all over the world and are all professional photographers and artists.


 HJEM-DOM-HOME consists of a number of photographs and a text, all reflecting on the theme “home”. The authors are various photographers and artists with a common background; they all have their roots in Serbia and they have all left it to live their lives in other places.Feelings of belonging are among the most private and subjective; the reasons as to why we feel connections to certain surroundings are never obvious, but the result of deeply personal experiences.
This is an attempt to show an artistic expression of these complex emotions, and it is with great pleasure that I can invite all to participate in these reflections – what is your Home?


Kulturstationen Vanløse

(Copenhagen, Denmark):
1. October – 30. November 2011

 European Center for Culture and Debate GRAD

(Belgrade, Serbia):
1. – 8. December 2011

 Kulturni Centar Panceva

(Pancevo, Serbia):
9. – 20. December 2011

 Kulturni Centar Novog Sada

(Novi Sad, Serbia)
6. – 20. February 2012

 Immigrantmuseet/Danish Immigration Museum

(Farum, Denmark)
Jan. – June 2013

The university of Belgrade – Faculty of Philology

Belgrade 14. May 2014


Here you can upload your own photo of ”home” or send us a message.
Remember to put your name and the title of your photo.
You will be asked to confirm the photo, so remember to state your correct e-mail address.

You can also acquire a copy of the project catalog,
which – besides the photographs – contains the entire essay “HOME” by David Albahari.
Send us a message and we’ll get back to you.

Group exhibitions

Mexico 2011

Curated by Gris Garcia

15 Agosto en “No automático” Monterrey, Nuevo León
3 Septiembre  en “LAKKA studio art” Distrito Federal, México
8 Septiembre en “Museo del Ámbar” San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas


Only Sky is the Limit

Solo exhibition


Gallery of contemporary art Pancevo, Pancevo, Serbia

Only Sky is the Limit
At the exhibition entitled Only Sky is the Limit, I want to emphasize that the sky has a symbolic value. It represents a freedom and endless possibilities. I am interested in the connection with the examination of freedom in every respect especially after all the years of isolation I spent in Serbia. Although the isolation is not anymore so strong there is still the question of belonging still opened for me.

Selected images and photos are a kind of visual diary. All works and records follow the process of the year long exploration of possibilities to change the location I am living at.

During the past year, I made more than 8,000 photographs which comprise the periods of time I spent in Belgrade and Barcelona alternately. Almost all photos were created using the application Hipstamatic for the iPhone and therefore all of them have a specific retro look.Some of the photographs were used as templates for paintings and drawings.

Tv Pancevo – video link

Photographs http://barcelonapictures.wordpress.com/


Blow up glow

Solo Exhibition

July 2010, Magacin, Kraljevica Marka 8, Belgrade

Text – Prof. Nikola Šuica


Remix slikovitosti

Sve je dalja tvrdnja da je slikarstvo iščezlo u eri sveprisutne  fotografije. Učestala su poentiranja ne samo izvodjačkih vrlina, već i obnovljeni modusi za profilisano odslikavanje modernog života, prenesenog za slikarski jezik unutar medijskog protoka  i senzacija ekranskih pretapanja. Kompozicija ili prizor svesnog slikarskog naslojavanja unosi nam pozivanja koja ne samo da su odrazi  figurativnog senzacionalizma, već i  otpočinju da  spajaju teritoriju naročitih tenzija. Kroz mehaničke i medijske slike svakodnevice, kroz reklamirajuću narav slikarstvo se još od liberalnih nastojanja s kraja pedesetih godina u mnogim vidovima preseljava u polazište snimka i zaustavljenog kadra. Kategorije i vrste pristupa stiču  slojevitu pažnju, a prenos snimka na platno ili na grafički odgovaraju masovnosti javnih slika i doslovnih postupaka. Koliko god verno  prevodili snimljeni poredak predmeta i akcija, najupečatljiviji umetnici pridonose i sopstvene sastojke. Slike Gordane Žikić unose produktivni konflikt krupnih planova i sugestiju paradoksa. Značenjski pravac optičkih uvećanja, haotični multipredmetni svet postindustrijske, medijskog sveprisustva i egzistencijalne zanemarenosti vezuje se za novu istočnjačku artificijelnost potrošačkog univerzuma,slikarski sprovedenu u hipernaturalnom derivatu fragmenata svačije svakodnevice.

Slike koje svoju tematsku pripadnost prizora vezuju za postojanje na granici izmedju objašnjivog i neshvatljivog kao da su kodirani  uzmaci i beskrajni svetlosni sistemi transformacija svojih  ukadriranih, fragmentisanih ili odsutnih učesnika. Prizori odvode ka nizanju opskurnog, skrivenog i tematski pretećeg autorskog slikarskog izbora,  te kroz kritički i refleksivni odnos objavljuju vizuelnu provalu opasnosti i podsvesne pretnje. Tehnologija i život, veštačka svetlost i tragovi mašinskih pogona ostvaruju elemente slikanih deonica. Energija rastvorljivosti i svetlosnog rastera  iz kadrirajućih  filmskih polazišta pokazuje se izvesno kao nova kompoziciona oblast. U odvažnom zahvatu nad energijom sugerisanog  života na granici, sa znacima prolaska vremena (mehanički precizne digitalne cifre sobnog sata na video ekranu), preteće i doslovno eksplozivne opasnosti (sečivo noža i staklo; uvezani dinamit štapovi, potmula nefokusirana svetlost neona) pojedinih društvenih uloga (upaljena cigareta, mrlje krvi, metalizirani odsjaji) u svojim nejasnim granicama remete i nagoveštenu pozadinu i pozadinske planove odvodeći ka dekadentnom, seksualizovanom, medijski dinamičnom i ‘divljem’ ulasku u postavku naslikane situacije. Ne treba prevideti da kakvom god se furioznom dinamikom odvijaju predlošci, i foto snimak i prolazak od nekoliko kadrova, postupak slikanja uvek jeste znatno sporiji. Domašaji slikarskog medija takvim izborom naglašavaju teške posledice savremenosti: duh vremena struji iz prizora razornih intenziteta, lomova, opasnosti i katastrofa stabilno uvedenih u naše realno iskustvo.

Nikola Šuica





“Fragments of reality”,


Faculty of Fine Arts Gallery, Belgrade



 Solo exhibition of drawings, Harajuku


Christianshavns Beboerhus,

 Copenhagen, Denmark


New Serbian Art


Vanløse Kulturhus, Copenhagen, Denmark

Predrag Damjanovic, Gordana Zikic, Nevena Popovic, Natasa Kokic og Kristina Draskovic are all born in Belgrade, Serbia  are all educated from Academy of Fine Art i Belgrade.

Their works are presented in a broad variety of medias, including painting, drawing, photo, video, and sculpture.

What they share in motifs are images about media and reality and the distortion of same, explorations of “the hero” as type and motif, violence, body and the aestheticization of this.

We are looking forward to presenting Serbian art that puts into question the stereotypes of ”Balkan-art”.


Tine Moller Sorensen

From  March 1. 2009 – May 31. 2009



Article in newspaper

(english -google translate)


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