Divine grip

Collaboration Gordana Zikic and Bosko Begovic

Divine Grip 

Installation sculpture and text is written on the wall

Sculpture of a hand, Bee wax, and red pigment,

dimensions 20x11x12 cm;

text-hand has written with pencil, dimension variable


Heroes in movies never lose their Grip. They hang from buildings, mountains, all sorts of flying devices and there is that motif of one’s hand holding the existence of one, or, one with the other, the savior and the one who is desperately in need of one holding, indefinitely.  Although might meant to last, it is not set to last, The Grip. 

 Human endeavor is inclined towards a state of being able to withstand the enormity of the task in hand with a grace of adapting to extraordinary as if it is merely everyday stuff. 

Free climber, holding the weight of his existence, with only the top of his fingers, is a fine example of extraordinary being stripped down to mundane, in a performer that finds the endeavor necessary. Not us! All of us, most of us,  see it as extraordinary risky and even foolishly mistaken for a future that will be previously blessed with an escape from that one slip, that will be the end of endeavor and the existence- the future that is the fall.  

When working in the realm of extraordinary, even the mistakes that lead to fatal are not considered as fatal. But, they are. 

And how horribly mistaken are the ones clueless of the weight of the Grip.