Hero (March, 2008)

A temporary site specific installation in Belgrade

Collaboration project Predrag Damjanovic, Gordana Zikic, Bosko Begovic

The basic idea in our work like group and also separately is to change the context, view or meaning of existing visual images. Usually that is subjective felling, association which is related with the object of contemplation. Some contents are projected in object or visual image and than we manipulate with it in visual, artistic way. The recognizable language is transformed through different media to another, from the other point of view. We also try to avoid common cultural, popular or actual meanings of some existing work that we correspond with it. Often there is interaction with the deeper, subconscious, archetype content between us and the object that we transform.

We made intervention at Yugoslavian historical monument which is from the Socialist Realism Period. It is dedicated to port workers who died during Second World War. What we are interested is not historical and cultural context of the monument, than the image of hero. The motif of hero is our typical theme. We are interested in archetypal way about the power and participation of that symbol in our lives.

The hero is an archetypal figure recorded in literature and other art forms throughout history in cultures from all around the world. Archetypes represent patterns of behavior and perception. Archetypes are common themes that originate from the collective unconscious. They appear in symbolic form in myths and dreams. They live deep inside of us and have an unconscious affect on our behavior and attitudes. Some of these hero figures take fantastic journeys that test their heroic strengths and worth. Other figures undergo tremendous suffering for some greater, heroic purpose. Some suffering figures reach a level of heroic transcendence in a victory over adversity and their own limitations. The nature of the figure may receive a different emphasis in different cultures.

We want represent this phenomenon and to realize that through visual language.

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