Love hurts

When I was a kid and my mom thought that  I misbehave, she sent me to kitchen to bring wooden spoon. Than she was correcting my behavior by beating me with that same wooden spoon. I draw little colorful flowers at wooden spoon. In my mind that would help me that beating hurt less. Sometimes wooden spoon would broke, so I would decorate a new one. It was in the kitchen cabinet for year. I can’t remember when she stop using that common method for discipline.

Contrast to this is Lovespoon, tradition in Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and Welsh. Lovespoon is a wooden spoon decoratively carved that was traditionally presented as a gift of romantic intent. The spoon is normally decorated with symbols of love, and was intended to reflect the skill of the carver. Due to the intricate designs, lovespoons are no longer used as functioning spoons and are now decorative craft items. Today lovespoons are given as wedding and anniversary gifts, as well as birthday, baby gifts, Christmas or Valentine’s Day gifts.


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