Shamanic Installation

Interpreting shamanic elements and combining with personal ideas and beliefs I create several installations in the gallery space and small drawings, covering the walls.

Since childhood, when I was first introduced by my grandmother into the interesting and strange world of paranormal, I was fascinated with those phenomena. She was living in a way in parallel worlds, the one we are all part of, and the other invisible one.  For her, that was the most normal way to live. Growing up in this kind of environment I was influenced by this way of thinking and belief system.
The selected objects from the installation are part of the personal collection. The collection was growing and kept with care, even with a lot of moving over the years.

I would like to introduce visitors, to my personal and intimate world of magical symbols, so they can feel and experience the same excitement that I feel.

Keywords for this work are: shamanism, identity, life and death, human existence and boundaries of personal and public



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