Mix media on wood – Inner red

Wood panels, acrylic, oil, carving, charcoal 150x100cm

Wood panels, acrylic, oil, carving, charcoal 50x50cm

Charcoal, acrylic on canvas, 200x150cm and 120x100cm

I am inspired by motifs from various mythologies and ancient cultures such as Chinese, Egyptian, Mesopotamian etc These motifs are transformed through personal experience and are expressed as linear drawings, paintings, objects.In traditional images and motifs that I am dealing with, I see general values which also belong to the contemporary time. I have the impression that my heritage is the entire world culture.One aspect of these works is the re-examination of the concept of painting.I use just some usual means: the drawing and the color. I contemplate the painting as an object. I do not care for an illusionist space deepening but I care for the surface of a painting. I use the MDF boards on which I draw. I carve with blades for woodcarving and I color usually only in red.Sometimes the drawing is made only by carving. Paintings then get the aspect of a bas-relief.
The red color that I used in the base for paintings represents for me more than just a background for drawings. I am looking for a specific shade of the red that would mostly express myself.For many nations red was the first color because it symbolizes fire and blood and is thus deeply connected with the principle of life. This is how I got the idea to entitle the exhibition the Inner Red. (2006 Painting Exhibition Inner Red, Aviation Club, Gallery Icarus, Zemun)


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