La Sombra – The Shadow Performance, Barcelona, October 2019

I spent two months at the Artist in Residence in Barcelona as part of the new exchange program made between Belgrade Artist in Residence and La Escocesa and all made possible with the I-Portunus grant.
i-Portunus is a project, selected and funded by the Creative Europe program of the European Union. It supports short-term mobility of artists and culture professionals.

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In the performance I am creating the ritual that will help me overcome the fear of deep water and sharks. Because I always loved the sea and all the animals but was facing this double feeling at the same time being deeply attracted to the water and sharks and at the same time I was afraid. Whatever is down there that I can’t see was magnified with my imagination. I would start noticing shadows and anticipating some scary encounters.
Sharks are, as symbols, most of the time representation of all the fears of unknown and the water is always connected to our subconscious. That is why the water rituals are important in many cultural traditions and involve different aspects like initiation, giving respect to ancestors, spiritual and physical purification.
Creating the headdress as a protection for the performance, I was inspired by elements from different traditions. Using dragon-like creature on front and back of the headdress, I make reference on both Catalan and Serbian Slavic tradition, both have dragons in their mythology. I am exploring cultural identity and the meaning of tradition, especially mythology, in contemporary society.


Performance Voice of Rain as a part of Fugue States event Free From Form, Magacin Belgrade, June 2019

Thank you Fanny @hellgrenfanny for your beautiful cyanotypes that I used to make this dress for performance


Summer Solstice Performance as part of Spajalica, Magacin, Belgrade June 2019

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I also would like to thank Ira Ferris for curating and organizing everything and Proartorg Belgrade for supporting our project

Lágrimas negras performance as a a part of Redemption songs event at Kolarac, Belgrade, May 2019



Shaman Heart Performance, Polet Belgrade, April 2019

@derkosmonautirtexpress plays African percussion with drum machine as @gotza_gotza performs Shaman Heart performance and @genevieveleavold paints at Free From Form Friday night at @Polet



Performance Cutting off the Bonds, Gothenburg, Sweden, 2018

During the New Moon and Solar Eclipse that signifies change, new beginnings, and endings. I took off my clothes, in the woods, wearing only feather and cedarwood sandals that I made for this occasion. First I did sageing, and then I made drawings on my body with charcoal. Drawings represent personal symbols. After I performed the ritual of cutting off the bonds using red wool and several objects, burning candle, bell, feathers, silicon human heart.



Rabbit Performance, Gothenburg, Sweden 2017

Wearing The Rabbit mask that I made felting during my stay at the artist in residence in Gothenburg.

Several performances at different locations in Gothenburg were connected with the same theme. All over the city, you can meet the wild rabbits running and crossing the streets even in the center between the cars. I was wearing the same rabbit mask and showing up at different locations in the city.  Rabbit is a strong symbol in different traditions all over the world and also for me is an important personal symbol. For me, it represents change and freedom.

Seagulls, Barcelona, Spain, 2012