My current art practice involves the study of Shamanism, both ancestral and contemporary, examining traditions and innovations through performance and art installations, video, sculptures, wall drawings and an environment created from objects carefully placed in a gallery space. Most of the materials utilized in my installations come from collecting and recycling found objects and debris such as hair, fur, shells, copper wire, feathers, and beads. These items are then transformed into sacred objects using traditional and current artistic methods to reveal my perspective in regard to symbolism, spiritual mythology, and identity. Moreover, this transformation demonstrates how personal narratives intertwine, challenge, and mimic other international and ancient narratives.

I have always been drawn to explore varied cultural traditions and spirituality, exploring the ancient and symbolic traces of human experience and infusing them into a modern context. I create pictures of existing images of myths and legends, shamanic symbols and archetypal images through a direct intuitive approach and interpretation of visual patterns. Eclectic juxtapositions and visual hybrids of ancient and modern images define a subjective view of the world, expressing a personal symbolic language, a set of values and frame of reference for my works.

The artwork explores the practices of Shamanism and Neo-Shamanism. Drawing from the beliefs, traditions, and cultures of various peoples, my art attempts to re-contextualize traditional Shamanistic rituals, performances, and objects according to modernday use and life. This re-contextualization is the basis for Neo-Shamanism, which allows contemporary practitioners from many parts of the world to piece together their own visions and spirituality outside of the confines of a village or tribe; a borderless endeavor that connects people, encourages perspective and emphasizes the power of choice. For me, the freedom allotted via Neo- Shamanism is a powerful tool that stokes creativity and allows the artist to question, re- interpret and act as a type of creative Neo-Shaman.

Everyday objects presented with the sanctity of temple and tomb ornamentation reveal a new context. Ancient rituals and practices manifested in the framework of contemporary visual arts recontextualize them and encourage the viewer to reconsider the concept of spirituality in modern life. The goal is to make the viewer recognize the parallels between that which is spiritual and that which is art, each with the power to transform.

I identify as both heiress to, and participant in, a universal culture where I am able to juxtapose old world and present day approaches to redefine how human beings continue to create meaning through careful use of quotidian objects, original imagery, and by developing new, transcendent spaces.

I am ever researching links between Neo-Shamanism and contemporary visual arts and investigating the phenomenon of identifying the contemporary artist as Neo-Shaman. The connections I make in my research and translate into my art practice offer a new relationship between the audience and the meaning of art, where the

artwork transcends aesthetics and remains in flux, subject to ongoing redefinition, allowing the observer to participate in giving meaning.