La Escocesa, Barcelona, Artist in Residence, September-October 2019

I spent two months at the Artist in Residence in Barcelona as part of the new exchange program made between Belgrade Artist in Residence and La Escocesa and all made possible with the I-Portunus grant. i-Portunus is a project, selected and funded by the Creative Europe program of the European Union. It supports short-term mobility of artists and culture professionals.I will present my research process and work made during my stay at the artist in residence through a performance at the beach and also the second part in a form of the open studio after the performance at La Escocesa.

The performance was at the beach Nova Mar Bella and after the performance, at the open studio I will share my research process with different works made during the residency, such as drawings, video, and a small installation made with locally found objects, mostly from nature and combined with few personal objects, creating shamanic like altar.

In the performance I am creating the ritual that will help me overcome the fear of deep water and sharks. Because I always loved the sea and all the animals but was facing this double feeling at the same time being deeply attracted to the water and sharks and at the same time I was afraid.

Whatever is down there that I can’t see was magnified with my imagination. I would start noticing shadows and anticipating some scary encounters.Sharks are, as symbols, most of the time representation of all the fears of unknown and the water is always connected to our subconscious. That is why the water rituals are important in many cultural traditions and involve different aspects like initiation, giving respect to ancestors, spiritual and physical purification.

Creating the headdress as a protection for the performance, I was inspired by elements from different traditions. Using dragon-like creature on front and back of the headdress, I make reference on both Catalan and Serbian Slavic tradition, both have dragons in their mythology. I am exploring cultural identity and the meaning of tradition, especially mythology, in contemporary society.

Other part of my research was including photos of the water surface but also underwater photos and short videos. Water was huge inspiration over the years. With this series of drawings, I am exploring the inner feeling that water triggers. Shadows, light, and colors were the inspiration, showing emotions, anticipation and playing with abstract forms. Starting with a white paper and using grey or blue and green shades or inverting it by starting with black or grey paper, leads me to freely explore my subconsciousness and feelings about the whole process.

In the short videos, I was documenting the experience, showing body movement underwater, attempts to go deeper then neck-deep water, swimming away backward in fear after those attempts, also enjoying the water, looking the fish and beautiful light.This project is very complex and will be continued in the future.

I hope to make it bigger than just a performance and a future exhibition. I would love it to grow into more connections between art and science potentially leading to shark preservation, education people of sharks importance for the ecosystem and the ocean.  

Phd Exhibition Red Deer – Anthropology Facets Within New Visualities


Photo Milan Kralj


Gallery FLU  – Belgrade – 6-15. March 2018.

The work of Belgrade-born artist Gordana Žikić explores the practices of Shamanism and Neo-Shamanism. Drawing from the beliefs, traditions, and cultures of various peoples, Žikić’s art attempts to re-contextualize traditional  Shamanistic rituals, performances, and objects according to modern-day use and life.

This re-contextualization is the basis for Neo-Shamanism, which allows contemporary practitioners from many parts of the world to piece together their own visions and spirituality outside of the confines of a village or tribe; a borderless endeavor that connects people, encourages perspective, and emphasizes the power of choice. For Žikić, the freedom allotted via Neo-Shamanism is a powerful tool that stokes creativity, and allows the artist to question, re-interpret, and act as a type of creative Shaman.

Žikić’s body of work focuses heavily on collecting and recycling found objects and materials such as hair, fur, shells, copper wire, feathers, and beads. These items are then transformed by Žikić into sacred objects using traditional and current artistic methods to reveal her perspective in regard to symbolism, spiritual mythology, and identity. Moreover, this transformation demonstrates how personal narratives intertwine, challenge, and mimic other international narratives.

Žikić identifies as both heiress to, and a participant in, a universal culture where she is able to juxtaposition old-word and present-day approaches to redefine how human beings continue to create meaning through the use of quotidian objects, original imagery, and by developing new, transcendent spaces.

Rachel Klipa, art historian


Interview for Yale radio by Brainard Carey

I am happy to share interview for Yale radio by Brainard Carey

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Gordana Zikic is a visual artist from Belgrade, Serbia. She co-founded and runs an artist run residency in Serbia and is presently working toward her Ph.D. For her thesis exhibition, and in her work generally, Zikic explores themes of New Shamanism. As opposed to traditional Shamanism, those participating in New Shamanism do not have to be from an indigenous culture with Shamanistic ancestors. Instead, they can come to Shamanism in other ways. Zikic primarily investigates those Shamanistic practices involving rhythmic techniques such as hypnotic dancing or drumming. She acknowledges the chasm that exists between those practicing real Shamanism and those who have simply decided to be a Shaman. Zikic’s thesis installation will include magical objects collected over the years combined with small sculptures and wall drawings to create a temple atmosphere within the gallery. The narrative of her show combines personal mythology with those from cultures around the world. During her process, Zikic incorporates cat hair from her own pets in small sculptures and masks. A performative aspect in the form of photos and videos of the artist wearing some of her masks will perhaps combine with the masks themselves available for viewers to try on.


zikic_gordana_cat felting 2.49.14 AM

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I hope you will enjoy visual part of my page and forgive me that I’m not much of a writer. I would like to introduce myself and share all the ideas and things that I’m working on, there is way to many 🙂

I am professional artist and finally rented a studio after years of working in my kitchen. Now studio is great location and had fantastic potential to be used also as exhibition space, presentations, lectures, workshops. It is divided in two levels so I can keep my creative mess upstairs and use all downstairs area for exhibitions and also as small gift shop.
Since I run artist in residence and co founder of martial artist in residence here in Belgrade, Serbia, this is great to have studio to share with artists that are visiting and also to make them exhibitions at the end of the residency.

Another exhibition space in city like Belgrade is great for young artists to have more chance to present their work in and artist run space. I think there is much more potential in this space and I want it to be also as international cultural space, so foreigners living in Belgrade also have a place to gather and enjoy art and company with local artists. I got this idea for international space because I met some wonderful people when I was teaching drawing and jewelry classes for foreigners living in Belgrade. There is always need for space where people can meet new people, where they can count on that people will speak English, to spend time in artistic environment and supporting art, and you won’t believe this but to spend time in non smoking area (since its one of few here).

I am working on my art preparing exhibition for my Phd. It is practical so I need to make exhibition and also to write thesis. I am so exited to have studio to work on some new pieces of art and hoping to make some sculptures beside my drawings and paintings.

Also I am doing children’s illustrations, so far got one book published with a friend who wrote a story, and now I’m working on kids cookbook with illustrated recipes. And I’m making jewelry from variety of materials, now exploring new ideas to get pieces in bronze with painted enamel on top. I really hope this will soon come to reality because I believe it will look fantastic.

Goals are to get monthly :

-Space- to cover the rent and bills of the space
-second employee- I need someone to help me with setting exhibitions, organizing events, updating page and blog and similar little jobs that I can’t finish all by myself
-Facebook post boost so we can promote our page and reach more people
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-Artist in residence- space and fees for ad on website for art residency

Art – I would really like to continue to make my art and for that I need some materials and also space
Jewelry- materials and help with melting metal

Phd- my research for Phd on Shamanism and Art needs some funding just to get tickets, because already there is number of places where I can stay for free at my friends and artist friends, and I know how to travel on a budget, so if I just get transportation all is set


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